While a great deal of our clients are producers, there are many occasions when their workload is simply too heavy to deal with for them to stay sane. Or sometimes we help production companies or corporations with a one person "communications" department, which means they need producers or production companies to come in and produce the shows. There have also been many occasions when a network or major cable broadcast channel needed a local field producer to go along with the crew that we are also providing.

So clients have turned to us for help. We have taken great pains to find and sign up a stable of producers, directors and full service production companies around the globe who can take the ball and run. Sometimes there is a great deal of planning and sometimes it is last minute. One time, we received a call from a client who told us they needed a two person crew in Atlanta in forty-five minutes to cover a breaking story. That was the easy part. However, they also wanted us to provide a local field producer and demanded someone with experience dealing with breaking news stories, police and victims of a crime. We booked the crew, dug in to our database and had everyone there on-time. The story came off flawlessly.

When you need our help, you can be sure we understand production and what it takes to find the right producer for you and your project. Whether it's a high-end corporate image piece, a news story or a one hour documentary, we can provide some of the finest talent available.