In all our years in the industry, going back before we created Media Central, we have yet to find a producer, agency, production company, corporation, etc. that didn't need some kind of duplication. Whether it was window dubs of raw footage, copies of the finished product or standards conversion, DVD replication and so on we've had the opportunity to provide this service to clients countless times.

We work with a number of duplication facilities who strive to "do it right the first time" and maintain the highest quality control possible while maintaining reasonable and competitive pricing. While making a dub isn't the most creative thing to do in our business, it takes a company with great attention to detail to make sure it's done right. From good source machines, to high quality engineering, to dependable stock, to the person loading the images and doing a consistent QC....all these things are necessary to give you the best duplication possible. It wouldn't matter whether you were doing one 30 minute DVD burn or fifty thousand 90 minute copies with labels and boxes. Each job gets the same attention to detail.

Because we work on an international level, another area we've worked with a lot is standards conversion. As you're aware, not every country uses the same broadcast technology that we use in the United States (NTSC). So, there are many times when shows have been shot in countries that use a different standard (PAL, Secam, et al). Even with HD there are multiple cameras and formats. We've come to rely on these duplicators to provide the finest digital conversions, again seeking out the facilities that can offer the highest quality possible at the most affordable price. For your convenience, we have provided a chart of broadcast standards used around the world

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