Because of all the years we've been involved in the post end of the business, we have learned a great deal about 2D and 3D graphics and animation. What it takes to get them done on time, get them done right and on budget and exceed the expectations of our clients.

We've connected with a large group of independent graphic artists, animation companies and post houses with complete animation facilities. Depending on what your needs are stylistically and your budget, we can provide quite a range of different talents for you to choose from.

One interesting project that was done was for a client who needed about a minute and a half of cell animation for a sales and marketing piece they were doing. What they required was some dancing vegetables complete with arms and legs. We arranged for an animation house, though not in their geographic location, to do the work. Through using a web page on the net for stills and design ideas and sending the occasional dub of the work with movement, the project was completed in just a few short weeks. The client never had to go in to the facility!